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Category: Rap - Hip Hop

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Fuck bein' good, I'm a bad bitch (Ah)
I'm sick of motherfuckers tryna tell me how to live (Fuck y'all)
Wack hoes hate under my pictures on the 'Gram (Ugh)
Bitch, you better hope I never run across your man, uh
In the mall with him, I'ma have a ball with him (Yeah, yeah, woah)
Somebody call Rihanna, I'ma buy some drawers with him
He fuckin' with Thee Stallion 'cause he into wild women (He love wild women)
Put them legs on his head, now he love tall women (Yeah, yeah, ah)
You'll never catch me callin' these niggas daddy (Nope)
I ain't lyin' 'bout my nut just to make a nigga happy (Nigga, please)
Lifestyle when a nigga can't fit a Magnum
It never happened if the dick wasn't snappin' (Ayy, woo)



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